Gloucester High School year 12 assembly

There was laughter and there were tears, as the 37 Gloucester High School year 12 students attended the last assembly of their school career.

Family, friends and fellow students gathered together, along with GHS staff and special guests for the Year 12 Formal Assembly on Thursday, September 21.

This annual event marks the end of the classroom requirement for the students as they embark on their Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams running from Monday, October 16 until Tuesday, November 7.

Reliving principal, Trudi Edman addressed the assembly with words of encouragement to the graduating class.

Departing school captains, Holly Haynes and Bryce Lacey delivered as farewell speech on behalf of the year 12 class, which had the hall erupting in laughter.

Bryce reminisced about the humble beginnings in year seven when their worries consisted of games of handball and rushing to the school canteen to the best pick of the hot food. He spoke about how it’s changed to now include the stress of studying and having a part-time job.

He spoke about the teachers and the humourous memories the students will take with them.

“I’m certainly going to miss this school and the year 12,” Bryce concluded.

Then it was Holly’s turn, “It’s both the end and the beginning,” she began, but emotion took the best of her and music teacher, Judy Ingram rushed to her side to assist, but Holly was determined to deliver her final words.

And she made it through, turning her tears into laughter concluding with, “I’ll miss you all and wish you all the best in the future.”

Incoming school captains, Liam Chester and Mia Bowden delivered the farewell remarks from the year 11 class.

Liam began with a joke about the year 12 class finishing, saying, “On behalf of the student body, we really didn’t think you would.”

For Mia, her speech was bittersweet, having spent a good portion of her high school career with outgoing year 12 class. After spending a year in France on a school exchange, she will now be finishing with the incoming year 12 class.

“Year 12, what an adventure it’s been,” she said.

EJ Blanch and Cadel Beard spoke on behalf of the juniors, delivering comments from each year.

“Several year 10 students thank you for leaving,” Cadel joked. 

Year 12 adviser, Colin Elliott began his remarks with some wise words from Winnie the Pooh.

He told the story about when Pooh asked Piglet what day it is and after Piglet responded, "it's today,” Pooh said, "my favorite day."  

After retelling the past few years from his eyes, he finished with his hope for each student to find their passion.

“I wish you a Winnie the Pooh kind of life.”

Special awards:

  • School captains – Bryce Lacey and Holly Haynes
  • School vice captains – Blake Steadman and Emme Moulds
  • Senior SRC – Kylee Fitzgerald
  • Shepherd Memorial Prize for Citizenship and Scholarship – Bryce Lacey
  • Caltex Award for the Best All Rounder – Emme Moulds
  • Reuben F Scarf Award for Commitment – Kylee Fitzgerald
  • GHS Awards for Achievement through Motivation and Commitment – Bryce Lacey
  • GHS Black OPAL Award 2017 – Ruby Pippen
  • GHS Service Award –  Amie Jacobs and Emme Moulds
  • John Tight Memorial Prize for Woodwork – Lachlan Howard
  • Tim Westcott Memorial Award for Drama – Jasmin L’Green
  • Mid Coast Connect Vocation Education and Training Award – Kylee Fitzgerald
  • Industrial Technology – 1st Lachlan Howard, 2nd Elijah Snow
  • Commitment to Music – Emme Moulds
  • Business Studies – Max Hogget
  • NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge Medal – Justin Berry
  • Derek Kerry Memorial Science Award – Gabe Hennessy O’Reilly
  • Australian Defence Force Long tan Leadership and Teamwork Award – Bryce Lacey and Emme Moulds

Academic Awards:

  • First in year 12 – Gabe Hennessy O’Reilly
  • Second in year 12 – Ruby Pippen
  • Third in year 12 – Bryce Lacey