Letter to the editor: Gas shortage

Governments tell us we have an energy crisis, actually its a price problem.

The export gas rush in Australia is one of the largest and fastest expansions of a gas industry ever seen, anywhere in the world. We are awash with gas. The problem is we are allowing almost all of the cheap and 'easy-to-get-at' gas to be sent overseas.

This why the energy companies give cushy jobs to so many ex pollies (Lib., ALP, and Nats). That lot are there to keep policy in favour of profits rather than consumers.

Three important points to remember about the so-called gas crisis:

  • The 'gas crisis' is not about abundance of gas, it's about price of gas. It's a gas price crisis.
  • We have tripled the amount of gas supply in eastern Australia. As a nation we've seen one of the biggest gas booms in the history of the planet, and yet we're being told we're running out.
  • This is all about the politics of who allowed gas exports in the first place, who should have done something since, and what can be done in the coming months.

Despite the outrageous gas prices Australian households are paying, the majority of citizens want fracking bans.

So instead of telling us more lies, how about goverment action to make energy cheaper.

Maureen Magee, Copeland