Letter: Are Nannas criminals?

Surely tax payer dollars and resources are more effectively spent than three of our local boys and girls in blue babysitting a group of sweet Knitting Nannas in protest of a mega mine in Northern Queensland.

This is what occurred last Friday in Taree outside David Gillespie’s office, Federal member for Lyne, when a group of 30 Stop Adani protesters and Knitting Nannas joined forces to demand that our federal member reject a billion dollar tax payer loan to the Adani coal mine.

Three of our hard working police were “tipped” off that there may be issues, perhaps our National Security compromised?

What could these sweet ladies possibly do to warrant three uniformed armed police be present? Is this what Australia has come to?

Surely there is more criminal behaviour happening in Taree than to waste time babysitting some of the areas’ most law abiding citizens who were just exercising their democratic right to peacefully protest.

Has our government become so paranoid, trying to control the growing dissatisfaction within communities, that they are turning our democracy into a police state?

When our police take photos and names of organisers at a peaceful demonstration what have we become?

All citizens need to know their rights in these cases and they have a right to say no comment to anyone, even someone in uniform.

Michelle Georgiou