Letter to the editor: Ted the graffiti buster

During the last school holidays someone graffitied our community hall at Wards River.  I made numerous inquiries as to how I could remove the paint, to no avail. 

I contacted MidCoast Council, who referred me to Ted, known as "the graffiti buster". Ted volunteered straight away to come and remove it, even though he lives at Tuncurry.

Recently, I went to wash the walls down, as instructed by him and had trouble finding where to wash, as the paint was gone. 

Ted would not accept payment for his great effort, in fact he told me while he was in Wards River he went to the toilet block in the park and removed the graffiti. 

What a magnificent job he does, totally voluntary.

On behalf of the residents of Wards River, who care about our hall, thank you so much, Ted.

Sandra Davis, President, Wards River Progress Association