Newcastle Herald Short Takes for Friday December 15 2017

THE decision to remove the interior showers and dressing rooms from Nobbys Beach is deplorable. Members of the public must now shower outside, undress and dress in public view or be forced to enter a toilet cubicle. The council response was to inform me that a second outdoor shower is planned and interior facilities are available to surf club members only. It’s a bad decision for visitors and tourists, and I urge people to contact the council about this substandard provision of amenities.

Peter Wickham, Telarah

LAST Friday, my wife and I went by train from Wickham to Sydney. The station looks fine, the gap between platform and carriage is minimal, the staff pleasant, polite and helpful. The only thing that appears to be missing is signage of how to get there out of Hannell Street. Returning on Sunday, we alighted at Broadmeadow. What an asset the two lifts are, especially for someone in a wheelchair or a walker, or carrying a load of luggage. A long awaited improvement. 

Fred Saunders, Waratah West

I COULDN’T help notice the ironic appearance of former PM John Howard on the hustings in Bennelong. I mean last time Mr Howard campaigned in Bennelong it didn't work out well for him or the Libs did it.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

I GUESS I’m not alone in growing tired of reports of paedophilia within the church. The link between celibacy and paedophilia is still being debated but I believe any institution that denies its leaders sex has to be suss. A strange god that demands celibacy as, according to the Bible, he invented sex. Isn’t it about time this peculiar practice was abandoned? Maybe the Pope should take the lead and get married?

Neville Aubrey, Wallsend

MORE than $1.5 million to restore the Shepherds Hill Cottage but you can get a four-bedroom, two bathroom, two-car garage house put on your land for under $400,000.  

Royalene Anderson, Mardi

MAREE Eggleston (Letters, 14/12) thinks that public housing in a $2 million per block suburb is throwing pearls before swine. Would she rather throw such valuable pearls before the greediest swine from the big end of town? She seems to find the appearance of the poor disquieting. Would she rather they were all shuffled off to somewhere less salubrious and visible? After all, who wants to be reminded of the lack of jobs and adequate assistance provided by business and governments for generations? She should realise that the poor are the face of capitalism; the rich are the other end.

Peter Ronne, Woodberry

HUNTER Research Foundation's lead economist Dr Anthea Bill (“Time ripe for debate about regional growth plan”, Opinion, 14/12) confirms the known endless struggle for the prosperity of regional Australia. Don't take Newcastle off global Sydney's railway system. Bring Australia's leading distance railway corridor up to standard, to ideally placed Newcastle Station, for a powerful economic link with global Sydney. 

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

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