Encouraging our young athletes

Throughout the year, Gloucester Sports Committee asks for the local sporting clubs to nominate young athletes who try hard at their sport of choice.

Each month, the committee considers the nominations for Encouragement Awards and presents the junior athletes with a plaque in honour of their achievements.

All the awardees are added to the final nomination list for the overall Encouragement Award and the winner is named at the annual Gloucester Sport Awards presentation night on Saturday, May 12.

Nominees are:

  • February: Riley Schafer (Swim Club) and Ivy Kellehear (Swim Club) 
  • April: Haley Fisher-Webster (Netball) 
  • May: Selina Denyer (Netball) 
  • June: Poppy Yates (Netball) 
  • July: Toby Kellehear (Soccer)
  • August: Samira Soupidis (Soccer) and Emma Woods (Netball)
  • September: Bradley Higgins (Little Athletics), Lily Sansom (Little A’s), Toreen Denyer (Hockey) and Eli Stuckings (Soccer)
  • October: Sam Marchant (Little A’s)
  • November: Brodie Baker (Little A’s), Jacob Edwards (Cricket), Nicholas Maggs (Swim Club) and Ivy Kellehear (Swim Club) 
  • December: Lara Maslen (Pony Club) and Jake Ince (Cricket)