Letter: Purple Day is coming

For Purple Day 2018, coming up on March 26, Australians with epilepsy are encouraging friends, family members, colleagues and the wider community to become better informed about epilepsy to reduce the fear and misconceptions often associated with the condition.

Around 250,000 Australians are diagnosed with epilepsy, and more than 65 million people worldwide, making it the world’s most common serious brain disorder. More people have epilepsy than have Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsycombined, however epilepsy remains poorly understood – and often feared – by much of the community. That’s why we’re using the tagline “Know epilepsy. No fear” this year, to promote the idea that knowledge is power when it comes to understanding and assisting someone with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Action Australia has developed an extensive suite of online resources designed to increase understanding and awareness of epilepsy in the community, including seizure first aid advice, with most material available free of charge on our website www.epilepsy.org.au. Ideas and suggestions for ways to get involved in Purple Day this year can also be found on the website.

On behalf of all Australians living with epilepsy, thank you in advance to the people in your region for supporting Epilepsy Action Australia. Your support helps to ensure people living with the condition can lead optimal lives.

Carol Ireland,

Chief Executive Officer

Epilepsy Action Australia