CWA hosts Mid North Coast Group Council meeting in Port Macquarie | photos

Almost 100 CWA members representing some 18 branches converged on the Port Macquarie Racecourse for the Mid North Coast Group Council meeting on Tuesday March 6.

Judging across a range of arts, crafts, and cooking was part of the day. Winners will progress to the state conference judging in Armidale in May.

Importantly, members also participated in several business sessions with ideas and goals discussed before being forwarded to state level.

The council area stretches from Bulahdelah to Nambucca Heads and Gloucester.

Group president Margaret Breust described the CWA as one of the largest advocate group’s for women in Australia.

"This group council area alone has close to 500 members with Port Macquarie one of the larger ones," she said.

"So we certainly have a voice at many levels, including at state and federal government levels.

"The grassroots members have their say on many aspects of CWA and these are forwarded to state conference where they are further debated."

Mrs Breust said CWA was continually working to create an environment for women of all ages.

This includes the formation of many evening groups, specifically formed to enable a younger generation.

There is an upsurge in interest in helping younger members redisover these lost skills and technqiues; our members are becoming teachers and mentors.

Margaret Breust

"While the CWA is known for its cookery, arts and crafts and handicrafts work, this is also proving to be a major drawcard for many younger working women.

"There is an upsurge in interest in helping younger members rediscover these lost skills and techniques; our members are becoming teachers and mentors," she added.

The group president said she was ecstatic with the turnout for the council meeting.

"I am very happy with the turnout today, with over 90 members representing their respective group," she said.

"This is about members coming together and bringing unity to the group. It is about friendship and sharing ideas and knowledge.

"And we also have a fair bit of humour involved too.

"If you don't have the humour, life is not worth living," she said.