Inspired by a connected culture

Griselda Browne will hold a book launch at the Gloucester Bookshop.

Griselda Browne will hold a book launch at the Gloucester Bookshop.

Griselda Browne is fascinated by the Aboriginal culture. So much so, she has spent the past several years learning about the Aboriginal way of life. 

Ever since moving to Australia from England, Griselda took an instant interest in how the Aboriginal cultural works and the connection to the land. When she moved to the Gloucester region in 1977, the proximity to the Buccan Buccans (the Bucketts) fueled her fascination. 

More recently, she began to collect photographs and interview some of the region’s elders, trying to uncover what it was like in Australia before the white man came.

From this, Griselda started to write book which explores the customs and laws that govern the Birpai and Worimi tribes, the Aboriginal people of this region. 

Within the book titled, Shadows Around the Buccan Buccan, Griselda explores everything from dreamtime creation stories to artifacts, hunting and food.

This long time project was rekindled about five years ago and recently has been self-published. 

“I’ve learned so much from studying their ways,” Griselda explained. "I do believe that white people should know about what we’ve lost.”

“It’s a very rich culture and the books about giving a picture of what it was like.”

The book will be officially launched at the Gloucester Bookshop on Friday, December 7 from 5.30pm and is for sale for $30.

“I’m not setting myself up as an expert,” she said. “And I ask for forgiveness for intruding but I feel it’s important for people to know about.”

Griselda has received support from members of the Aboriginal community.