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Ruffle shower curtain, $34.13, from

Ruffle shower curtain, $34.13, from

That most beautiful and frivolous of details, the ruffle has made a big comeback, embellishing an array of wardrobe and decor essentials.

Amethyst shirred sundress, $269. A gorgeous print, with colours that give a hint of the season ahead. Bonus points if you can you spot the horses.

Symphony round cushion, $59.95. A wonderfully luxe cushion to add to your collection.

White frill tie front dress, $79.95. If all that frilly gorgeousness is almost too much to handle, opt for a neutral colour palette.

Sonja skirt, $219. Ruffles and tassels might sound like too much in theory, but worn with a basic top during the summer months, it can look perfect for the season.

IRO Instant top, $649. There’s so much going on here, in this instance keep the bottom half simple.

Daisy silver shag cushion by Langdon, $140. Gathering fabric in a decorative fashion can result in all sorts of finishes.

KMS Curl Up Bounce Back Spray $31.95. If everything else is looking fashionably ruffled, why not treat your hair to the same look? Available at Chemist Warehouse.

Leopard scrunchie, $9.95. By their very nature scrunchies are exceptionally ruffled, so it makes sense that they've made a comeback simultaneously. And in animal print to boot.

Poppy bathers set, $69. While ruffles on kids bathers never really went out of style, now they’re featuring on adult swimwear too.

Jellycat Dancing Darcey Ballerina Elephant, $29.95. Even soft plush soft toys are embracing the trend.

Printed ruffle sleeve blouse, $119.95. Sleeves are the ideal place to wear a ruffle if you don’t want to draw attention to your mid-section.

Ellamay platform slide, $179.95. Even shoes are getting in on the act, these ones featuring a leather upper and lining.

Gia ruffle playsuit, $499. The pièce de résistance for if you simply can’t have too many ruffles.