Eccentric contests, community spirit and blue ribbon livestock events are on the show schedule

There will be plenty to see and do for all members of the family at the Stroud Show.
There will be plenty to see and do for all members of the family at the Stroud Show.

There is something for everyone at this year's Stroud show, from fast and furious fence post splitting, pig racing, a wife carrying comp, demolition derby, inaugural Brumby 250 Tournament, wacky lawn mower races to an animal nursery and magic shows for the little ones.

The sights and sounds are like no other, with a variety of amusement rides and novelty events providing a truly unique family day out as well as arts and crafts and a variety of local food stalls to enjoy.

Jump starting the two-day event from April 26-27 will be the dog high jump, with light-footed K9s scaling a wall to reach heights of up to two metres.

The event will include a small and large dog category with the overall winner being crowned top dog for 2019.

Saturday show-goers will see the final of the Brumby 250 Tournament - four elite trainers, four wild horses and 250 days of training all come together for a spectacular freestyle final, a first for NSW.

The trainers will be showcasing their skills and that of their Brumbies in front of some tough judges and will leave the crowd in awe with their routines.

The entire family will be squealing with anticipation for Noahs Thoroughbred Pig Race, where the smart and steady pig wins the race.

Its not a dash for the finish line in this obstacle of tunnels and hay bales, but rather a hunt to find the buttermilk.

Just when you thought the pigs, pups and ponies were having all the fun, the exceptionally amusing wife carrying competition is running for its fifth year.

Wives come out of the crowd and are hauled by their male team-mate through 80 metres of sand, hay and paddling pools, all while the wife is hanging upside down.

The champion duo will win $350 in prize money and receive automatic entry to compete in the Singleton race.

If undefeated, the team will go on to compete at world titles in Finland.

Christmas is over but theres another reason to be dashing through the bush in your not-so-rusty Holden ute for the Stroud Ute Muster is a beaut.

Ute owners have been showing and shining for more than a decade at the Stroud Show and drivers will be kicking up the dust again in the barrel race.