News from the soccer pitch

Gloucester Soccer Club's Jessica Howard playing in a recent match

Gloucester Soccer Club's Jessica Howard playing in a recent match

Cal Co Division 4

Ollies Service Centre v Barrington Trophies - Ivy & Ella Gambrill played for Ollies who were short on players. It was a great game with all players working together for their teams.

Gloucester Home Improvement Services v Gloucester Community Shop - Another good game from Gloucester Home Improvement, with Jakes first goal of the season, he played very well. Daisy's confidence grows every week and it shows in her game, very good game. Mitchell the goal keeper, saved a mountain of shots. Community Shops whole team has improved again, this week, even with no subs, all players kept moving despite being tired. Most improved players were Cooper & Lenny. Both players continually chase the ball to the goal with Jarrahs usual line breaks.

Bucketts Building Supplies v Darrels Butchery - WOW, what a game. Everyone has improved so much. With no subs, everyone had to play the whole game, well done everyone. Bucketts Building had some structure this week with Matthew, Sebastian and Flynn guarding the goal, Finley and Bodhi had a great game up the front and Chloe was covering the whole field. Well done Bucketts Building ! Darrels Butchery showed excellent teamwork. Improved passing and defence this week. Sami and Ryan both scoring goals. Great work Darrels Butchery.

Gloucester Bluelight Division 1

Bucketts Building Supplies v Autolec Gloucester - Unfortunately Autolec was forced to forfeit due to only being able to field a team of four players. Chloe Garnham filled in on Autolec so a friendly game could go ahead, thank you Chloe. Autolecs Sam Ballantine was strong in attack scoring three goals. Emily Marsh had a great stint in goals. Bucketts Buildings Cameron Badham also scored three goals. It was an entertaining game from both teams.

Accommodation Gloucester v Gloucester Community Shop - Community Shop could not field a team so unfortunately had to forfeit. Accommodation Gloucesters Charles Tonks had an exceptional game in goals, Emily Murray kept the pressure on the opposition Will Bandy and Hayden Schultz scored their first goals of the season, great work ! Bethany Hester scored the goal of the year so far with a great solo effort. James Terras for Community Shop and Josh Norrie had a great game both finding the back of the net.