Gloucester CWA branches reminisce during a 90th anniversary morning tea

It was a chance to share memories and catch up with old friends.

Current and former members of the Gloucester Country Women's Association branches gathered to celebrate 90 years in the community at a morning tea.

Taking place at the CWA Hall, built by the determination of its members, the event was a chance to remember and acknowledge those who have come before them.

Members like, Marie Yates, a past long-time member, attended the event to catch up with old friends.

Current Gloucester evening branch member, Donna Kemp remembers when she joined back in the early 80s. Marie used to play the piano.

"She used to call us all to order with the piano," Donna laughed.

It was fond memories like these that were shared at the morning tea, along with a large spread of homemade goodies, with each member bringing a plate to share.

"It was all about catching up and sharing memories," Donna explained. "A lot of 'do you remember whens...'."

Around 60 people filled the hall. Among the guests were the CWA Mid North Coast Group president, Delma Robson, group secretary, Unice Roberts, MidCoast Council deputy mayor, Katheryn Smith and members of other Gloucester service clubs.

Long time members were recognised for their service, with Marie Laurie presented with a certificate for 61 years; Christine Bolton, Jesse Burley, Judy Hopkins and Dorothy Kirk with 60 years; and Margery Phair with a 20 year long service badge.

Some reminisced about having wedding receptions and 21st birthday celebrations in the hall, while others read through the old ledgers.

For members like Donna, who joined when she was in her early 20s, being a part of CWA was like being a part of a big family.

"I joined because I always wanted to do something for the community and CWA was it," Donna said.

"These were very, very busy, very, very active ladies."

Over the years, these women have been there for each other through good times and bad, for both the Gloucester community and their own personal lives.

They are a group of strong women who live by the mantra of being there for others who have been there for them. This belief is the foundation for the longevity of this organisation and its importance within the Gloucester community.