Manning Great Lakes Police District reminds residents to avoid using technology while driving

The use of technology while driving remains a "huge issue", according to Manning Great Lakes Police District.

In a Facebook post, the police district reminded motorists of the risk of using technology, such as smart phones and tablets, behind the wheel and its contribution to the number of fatal and serious injury crashes on NSW roads.

"What we are seeing is a lot more people with their eyes in their laps texting or watching something on their tablets, rather than keeping their eyes and minds on the road.

"The same applies to pedestrians. If you are walking and your eyes are on the phone - you aren't able to react as quickly to hazards posed by oncoming traffic or other pedestrians.

"Just as drink driving became socially unacceptable, in time, I would hope there is the same culture shift towards the use of technology in cars and as a pedestrian."

Residents who observe this form of behaviour is urged to contact Taree Police Station on 65520399 or Forster Police Station on 65551299.