For a complete scrap metal service go to South Wang Wauk Recycling

FOR EVERYONE: "Regardless of our larger capabilities, we still don't forget about the little people," said Keerin.
FOR EVERYONE: "Regardless of our larger capabilities, we still don't forget about the little people," said Keerin.

South Wang Wauk Recycling offers a complete scrap metal service - catering for all sized scrap metal jobs.

"We come to you and have competitive rates on all non ferrous metal, which is a perfect and convenient option for tradies and businesses," said business owner Keerin Delardes.

"Our trucks have large cranes and long trays to fit the most quantity possible and allows us to make heavy lifts (up to six tonnes).

"Basically, our equipment allows us to complete any job.

"Excavators for large scale clean out jobs or for dismantling, large oxy cutting equipment to dismantle any scrap metal.

"We have scrap metal bins galore which range from small to extra-large.

"These are perfect for placing at someone's business or premises for easy, efficient scrap metal removal.

"We have semi tippers, 40+ ft flat top trailers, rigid crane trucks, excavators and knowledge. We know and work with an efficient manner to make the job as easy, clean and quick as possible for our customers."

Operating in the area for eight years, Keerin said what makes his business special is its customer service.

"People should do business with us because of our energy, our honesty, our prices and our service. We pride and strive ourselves on complete customer satisfaction."

Do you have an unwanted car on your premises? South Wang Wauk Recycling can work it in and collect it.

Keerin said he loved working in his local area and thinks it's the best place on the east coast of Australia.

"It has a rich heritage, good country people, great atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

"I like doing my job within the area because it's contributing to the cleanliness of the place. I have a lifetime ahead of me and recycling is a good way to sustain our future.

"I feel like a lot of people don't know what you can recycle as scrap metal and because of that it tends to sit "out the back".

"A large percentage of people's unwanted goods can be recycled as scrap metal."