National Association for Loss and Grief to host second meeting in Taree on October 15

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

The National Association for Loss and Grief (NALAG) will hold a second meeting in Taree this month with the view to better support those in the community experiencing loss and grief.

Recently a request went out to anyone in the Manning-Great Lakes community who might be interested in consulting with others on the issue of loss and grief and support in the local area.

That invitation from Jennifer Perino, from NALAG, resulted in a community consultation meeting at Taree Library on Tuesday, September 17.

The group encompassed people from across the community, including representatives from local Biripi Aboriginal Community Health Services, government services, non-government/ not for profit services, private sector services, professionals, and members of the public.

Such a diverse group brought invaluable knowledge and experience to the consultation process, demonstrating that the support needs of those in our community who experience loss and grief are a shared concern.

An understanding that there are various supports available, including active group support, was acknowledged. However it was established that the information about some support options is not always reaching the person experiencing loss and grief in a timely or efficient manner.

There was an opportunity for participants to share information on existing supports, some of which were not generally or widely known about.

There was a general discussion regarding loss and grief needs in the community and where there may be 'gaps' in services. Initially the group considered all situations of loss, then focused primarily on the loss of a loved one.

Contributions from the participants demonstrated that needs vary for those who: are indigenous; are young; were carers of the person who was lost; experienced loss of a loved one through specific illness; experienced a sudden loss.

With just an hour for this first meeting, the main outcomes were:

  • Further consultation meeting/s required to address the issue of information being available, and consider how the identified existing supports can be better resourced and supported..
  • A follow up meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 15, at the Taree Library interact meeting room, 2pm to 3:30pm.

Anyone wanting more information can contact Jennifer Perino, phone 0409 151 646.