Fires, fake news and Greens' policy

Fake news is being used to blame the Greens for the fires. But strangely, the Greens are not now, and have not been, in power at State or Federal level.

Official Greens policy supports fuel load burning, as guided by the best scientific, ecological and emergency service expertise. Our policies are online for all to see.

According to the NSW Government, in this decade the overall practice of hazard reduction burning in National Parks has increased.

The firies say that the State Government has made a 35 perr cent cut to fire trained positions in National Parks. Gladys says that's not true. She says she hasn't made cuts to the firies' funding either. They say that she has. Who do you believe?

Environmentalists (and Greens) know that many types of native vegetation need burning to reproduce.

Next time anyone tells you that the fires are the Greens fault, look up our policies, think logically and recognise fake news for what it is.

Maureen Magee