Pappinbarra and Gloucester cattle producer Will Bush says authorities need to start thinking about rain erosion

DIRE FORECAST: Pappinbarra and Gloucester cattle producer Will Bush in Port Macquarie.
DIRE FORECAST: Pappinbarra and Gloucester cattle producer Will Bush in Port Macquarie.

Cattle farmer Will Bush knows more than a few things about the lay of the land.

The Pappinbarra and Gloucester cattle producer is calling on government agencies to consider damming parched creeks before they are eroded by future rain events.

"Our creeks are going to be ripped apart if we have a large storm because all the banks have been dug up from cattle," he said.

"If you have an unrestricted flow of water it will rip trees out and with a fire going through as well you could lose a lot more.

"It's not a good option to leave it because that process is undercutting land all the time, you lose that land for farming."

Significant rains could pour soil and bushfire ash into waterways, according to Mr Bush.

High risk areas for poor water quality and associated fish deaths are being identified by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

"Bushfires have resulted in the loss of vegetation, particularly ground cover and riverbank vegetation that stops rainfall carrying soils to waterways," said a NSW DPI spokesperson.

"Heavy rainfall can carry soils, ash and organic matter into rivers and creeks, resulting in poor water quality and low dissolved oxygen conditions.

"This can have negative impacts on aquatic environments, drinking water quality and agricultural industries.

"Increased water temperatures and low flows can also trigger greater breakdown of organic matter in waterways by bacteria, which can also reduce oxygen levels in the water.

"Fish deaths are a common result of this sudden depletion of dissolved oxygen. Historical, large scale fish kills have occurred in NSW and Victoria after extensive bushfires."

The Department has ongoing concerns for further fish deaths statewide as dry and very low flow conditions persist, said the NSW DPI spokesperson.