Letter: what will happen to Kimbarra?

Letter: what will happen to Kimbarra?

I am a resident of Kimbarra Lodge and I urgently need to know what Hunter New England Health, the local branch of the State Government, intends doing with Kimbarra.

Narraweena has been closed and their residents are now housed in Hillcrest awaiting transfer to the new Anglican Care nursing home.

We were not considered or consulted by the government. Hunter New England Health holds a bond of my money which will be refunded when I leave Kimbarra.

The cost of this bond is $1900 and I pay a fortnightly fee of $772.10, set by Centrelink for my bed, food and care.

I am happy to pay this for the wonderful home I have and for the loving care I received from the staff, but I am not happy to have these sold off to some unknown outsider.

Jean Parker