Council will bear the cost for those who had destroyed or damaged structures

MidCoast Council waives DA charges for bushfire victims

MidCoast Council will foot the bill for additional charges and fees as ratepayers affected by last year's bushfires begin to rebuild their properties.

Councillors were united in a decision but forward by MidCoast Council general manager, Adrian Panaccio to waive additional charges and fees.

The MidCoast Council community has been severely impacted as a result of recent bushfires, Mr Panaccio reported.

Any relief that council is able to provide residents to assist in the recovery process will have long term benefits for the community, he said.

"I think it is very advantageous if we are able to provide assistance," Peter Epov said.

I think it is very advantageous if we are able to provide assistance.

Peter Epov

"I thank the State government which has come onboard to assist council."

Cr Epov also commended council staff, who he said had excelled in lobbying the government for assistance.

Katheryn Smith echoed Cr Epov's comments, but asked for an exemption for damaged bonds.

Her amendment was lost.

Residents eligible for the waiver were ratepayers identified through the Rural Fire Service (RFS) building impact assessment team, Mr Panuccio said.

Council will bear the cost for development application construction certificates, complying development certificates, S7.11 contributions, damage bonds and any other relevant non-prescribed fee.

The State government earlier this week announced it would pay council rates for this quarter, as part of its response to the bushfire crisis.

Residents who lost their home or business can take their rates notice to a Service NSW centre in either Tuncurry and Taree, and bills will be waived or refunded, if already paid.