The latest news from the Gloucester Women's Bowling Club

Last week the next round of the Gloucester Women's Bowling Club's Consistency Singles was played. The results of the four matches were as follows:

Joan Ridgeway defeated Jan Jones, Judy Sheely defeated Jill Everett, Ruth Redman defeated Del Buckton (on an extra end) and Lorraine Ratcliffe defeated Jenny Burley.

Wednesday (November 4) will be the semi-finals between Joan Ridgeway and Judy Sheely and Ruth Redman and Lorraine Ratcliffe.

Also on that day, the Thelma Bolton Pairs will begin with two matches between Pattie West and Jill Everett vs Di Lockwood and Bev Murray, and Julie Kriss and Bev Germon v sJenny Burley and Vera Whatmore.

In the social games last week, Jean Holstein, Paula Standen and Jenny Stevens defeated Bev Germon, Colleen Atkins and Denise Redman (15-14). Bev Murray, Kerrie Green, Norma Relf and Penny Gibson (swinger) defeated Val Pritchard, June Carter, Julie Kriss and Penny Gibson. Penny is a new member and this was her first game - she played very well and we hope she will continue to enjoy playing in the future.