Have your say on on-site sewage management

Have your say on on-site sewage management

MidCoast Council is seeking community feedback on a new harmonised Onsite Sewage Management Development Assessment Framework.

The Development Assessment Framework sets out council's required levels of investigation, acceptable solutions and minimum standards for on-site sewage management in unsewered areas.

"This framework aims to provide clarity, equity and transparency in decision making, as well as providing guidelines to protect the natural environment and human health," council's director of Liveable Communities, Paul De Szell explained.

"It's an important step forward because it provides a consistent system across the whole of the MidCoast region, something we're continuing to work towards in everything we do."

The need for the framework arose because each of the three former local government areas (Greater Taree, Great Lakes and Gloucester) had different approaches relating to applications to develop on unsewered land and installing onsite sewage management systems.

Council has been working to construct the framework with specialist water consultants Decentralised Water Consulting since 2018. The framework will be implemented for development applications via the three Development Control Plans applying across the MidCoast.

In the framework, all unsewered allotments have been assigned a hazard class, from low to high, which determines the level of detail required for the development application and applications to install or alter on-site sewage management systems.

For further information and to view the framework and amendments, head to www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/HYS.

Feedback can be provided on the Development Control Plan amendments, the Development Assessment Framework and associated technical manual before 4.30pm on Tuesday December 8, 2020 on council's website.