Gloucester's Allan Waldon's cattle take top places at Wingham Beef Week 2021

Gloucester beef named top quality eats

Cattle farmer, Allan Waldon was pretty stoked when his shiny Wingham Beef Week ribbons arrived in the post.

According to Allan, out of the 128 cattle entered into the Wingham Beef Week Carcase Competition 2021, five of them were his with three bringing home ribbons - Champion Highest MSA Index (Meat Standards Australia), Reserve Champion Highest MSA Index and Heavy Middle Weight Manning Valley Naturally Grassfed Carcase Champion. MSA is a 'tenderness guaranteed' grading program that grades beef based on eating quality.

Having been in the industry, as a producer and a butcher for the past 45 years, Allan knows the importance of good quality eating meat.

"Food consumption has changed over the years. In the last 10 years, people are more aware of the way animals are raised and fed," Allan said.

Although he's won for lamb in the past, this was the first carcase competition he's ever entered, so he's pretty happy with the results.

"It's a bit of self satisfaction for all the hard work," he laughed.

Allan reckons the ribbons just highlight what great grazing country there is in the Gloucester region.

"Gloucester got the best eating animals at the show."

He also considers himself a bit of a hybrid farmer using a combination of mulching, slashing, lime and legume techniques while avoiding spraying.

"I'm not organic. I do things a little differently. I watch what the animals eat - learn from the animals," he said.

His animals are 100 per cent grass fed.

"It got the highest marble score - by a long way. It's a bit of an anomaly for grass fed."

Allan moved to Gloucester three years ago after retiring as a Sydney butcher and he's been working to get his land up to a high standard grazing level mainly because it's something he really enjoys.

For Allan, entering the competition was all about having a bit of fun.

"I'm not a stud farmer. I love the meat industry," he said.