More than 30 events are eligible

Council rolls over event sponsorship

Funding allocated by MidCoast Council to events in 2020-21 and forced to cancel due to COVID-19 restrictions will be passed on to the next financial year.

However, some events will have to reapply for funding if the event is not held within 12 months of the original date.

At MidCoast Council's recent strategic committee meeting, councillors supported a recommendation to transfer event sponsorship funds to 32 events which were scrapped.

At a council meeting in July 2020 councillors resolved: "For events who have been allocated sponsorship but cancelled due to COVID-19, provide the recommended sponsorship amount on the condition the event is held within 12 months of the original date and there are no other major changes to the event or expected outcomes."

Reporting to council, economic development co-ordinator, Robyn Brennan said at that time events were surrounded by uncertainty and event organisers were expressing concern regarding the effort and energy required to organise an event.

"But, we don't know if they will go ahead this year.

Katheryn Smith

"Event organisers have expressed gratitude to MidCoast Council for their foresight in this decision."

Supporting the motion, Katheryn Smith confirmed funds would be rolled-over from last year.

"But, we don't know if they will go ahead this year," Cr Smith said.

Cr Smith echoed event organisers and thanked council staff for the initiative.

"COVID-19 public health order restrictions still apply and have recently been upgraded," Ms Brennan reported.

"Some of the sponsored events listed may still not be able to proceed with the required 12 months of their original date.

"If this is the case these event organisers will need to apply for sponsorship again under the new Council Events and Festivals Sponsorship Policy (adopted on April 28, 2021)."