Artist Samantha Coronel brings her work to Gloucester Gallery

Condicionando la cercania by Samantha Coronel

Condicionando la cercania by Samantha Coronel

After being closed for nearly two months due to COVID, Gloucester Gallery is set to reopen with a new and exciting exhibition from Forbes artist, Samantha Coronel.

Samantha's first showing in Gloucester, Interpretation of Attitude, opens on Thursday, October 7 and runs until Sunday, October 31.

Her works are inspired by her love from dance and art - something she's been surrounded by since she was a child.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Samantha began her studies when she was 13 years old, after being accepted into Manuel Belgrano School of Fine Arts, and from there went on to teaching school.

A passion for dance drove her to learn the tango.

"I was entrapped by its feelings of calm, nostalgia and the mixture of enjoyment and disciplined technique," Samantha said. "I have now spent more than two decades in the professional world of tango, developing myself professionally in different areas."

Her passion for movement and freedom of expression has led to her current body of work.

"I developed this exhibition especially using the body as the principal figure, together with fashion, photography and the woman as inspiration.

Sensible y soberbia by Samantha Coronel

Sensible y soberbia by Samantha Coronel

"The pose in front of the camera is taken as one's attitude towards life.

"The construction of the posture reveals rigidity, fluidity, distraction, sensuality, coldness, daring, indifference, sensitivity and even absence. Sometimes I omit details and use colour to focus on the attitude of the subject - attitude that represents us in every mount of life."

As an artist, Samantha is driven by being able to show the sensitivity, temperance and nostalgia that she's experienced through my studies and practice.

"I consider my art works a passage of great transparency that is born from deep within. My hope is that a person contemplating my art can connect directly with my inner state."

Her current work explores the use of contrasting colours, flat spaces and straight lines and the use of nature as a visual stage for expression.

Samantha unveiled her exhibition in June at the Platypus Gallery in Forbes and she's looking forward to bringing it to Gloucester next month.

Gloucester Gallery, 25 Denison Street, is open Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm and Sunday from 10am to 1pm. Entry is free. The gallery is an initiative of the Gloucester Arts and Cultural Council Inc, a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation that aims to foster the practice, study and appreciation of the arts in the community by encouraging and supporting artists in their artistic, economic and professional development.