Everyone wines in Rawdonvale golf

Gloucester Golf Club winners Jim Bird (C Grade), Rob Moore (B Grade) and Wayne Maddalena (A Grade). Photo supplied
Gloucester Golf Club winners Jim Bird (C Grade), Rob Moore (B Grade) and Wayne Maddalena (A Grade). Photo supplied

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors Rawdonvale, the Gloucester Golf Club's event golf on Saturday (October 16) saw all 32 participants go home happy. Half the field won trophies and everyone else took home a ball each as a memento of their day's struggle.

The day was bright and more or less cloudless most of the time. Although the feature of playing conditions was a swirling gusty wind that may have upset a few players, all of which added to the struggles of navigating around a course in the middle of an annual and essential maintenance involving aerating fairways. In a week or so, all this will be forgotten as the work bears fruit and the course comes back bigger and better than ever.

The event was an Individual Stableford and there were but two players who played to handicap or better. The top prize of the day went to Jim Bird who scored a highly meritorious 41 in the difficult conditions with Wayne Maddalena four points back at 37 points nicely inside his handicap.

The other trophy winners were Rob Moore, Paul Wenham and Steve Macdonald 35; Jamie Andrews 34, Steve Burns, Chris Murray, Kyran Laurie and Peter Markey 32; Doug Blanch, Mick Stone, Mitch Andrews and Steve Williams 31; and John Herd with a modest 30 Stableford points picking up the last of the Rawdonvale trophies. There were 16 players who would otherwise have regarded themselves as making up the numbers who went home happy enough to pick up a ball for their efforts.

With the weather during the week being as variable as it was and the course maintenance undertaken, Super Sevens for the week ended Friday October 15 saw a much-attenuated field. Peter Markey won the week with 18 points followed by Glyn Rees and Phil Bowden scoring 16 and 14 Stableford points respectively.

On Saturday October 23, Gloucester Golf Club are playing a Four Person Ambrose sponsored by the Bowden family, and the following week Nathan McInnes and Shane Crichton sponsor an Individual Stableford.